Apr 30, 2013

Vanity Shots

Day 1 - Sunday sightseeing...
Day 2 - Business meetings for hubby, outlet shopping for me (hihi)

Apr 29, 2013

Revisited The Icons

We were so blessed to be toured around on a Sunday by hubby's cousin, Fanny. They were very generous of their time and drove us to practically all the iconic sights of San Francisco. As added bonus, they even treated us to a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
on the other side

Palace of Fine Arts Lagoon
Palace of Fine Arts

Victorian houses at Alamo Square
the Victorian houses in Alamo Square

By the famous crooked street - Lombard
in front of the famous crooked street - Lombard

The famous crooked street - Lombard

View of Alcatraz from Pier 39
Pier 39, with the view of Alcatraz behind us

View of Alcatraz from Pier 39

Golden Gate Bridge
our generous hosts

Mass To Start Our Sunday

St. Patrick Church, Mission St., SFO

We just heard mass at St. Patrick Catholic Church along Mission St., San Francisco. This church dates back in 1850s. It's good to see the church almost full with people and a lot of Filipinos actively participating as lay ministers.

St. Patrick Church, Mission St., SFO
outside the church

Apr 28, 2013

Happy For The Free Upgrade

The lady at the front desk of Grand Hyatt San Francisco upgraded our room and gave us one that directly has the view of Union Square. Nice touch especially after a long trans-Pacific flight for these tired but excited guests. :)

Grand Hyatt Hotel at Stockton St., San Francisco
happy campers

View from the hotel room at night
our view at night

View from the hotel room at daytime
a haven for shopaholics

Apr 26, 2013

Who Are Always There... For You

Playing World of Warcraft Card Game

Son #2 "unearthed" his more than 5-year old set of World of Warcraft cards. This is another activity our son #3 can enjoy with his elder brothers while he is being weaned from the gadgets (laptop, iphone and ipad).


Apr 25, 2013

Ipad Gaming With Cousins

After weaning Jake from the iPad for the last 5 days, I rewarded him with a short play session earlier this afternoon. :) He's here (middle in pic) sharing a good laugh with his cousins.

How The Boys Looked Like In 2005

Apr 24, 2013

A Taste Of Real Work As A Software Developer

It's day 1 of OJT for our eldest son today. He mentioned last night that he was nervous. I said it's a normal feeling. His Pa and I also had butterflies at some point. :) As I said that, my thought bubble was, wow... another milestone for our eldest son.

I suggested for him to channel his energy into learning new things, because the work experience he is bound to have will far outweigh whatever he learned from his comp sci course. This is as close to and as real as he could get in his field of expertise. His foray into the real world of software development is a valuable opportunity to prove his mettle.

Apr 23, 2013

Photo Op After Free Saturday Lunch

We got invited to lunch by our good friends, the Khos, to celebrate their eldest son's birthday. Aside from feasting on the bountiful spread at Mooon and endless chatting and catching up with everyone's activities, we also made sure to take photos.

Loving our colors in the pics. :) Bright shades for summer.

Apr 20, 2013

Beach Hopping - Ibiza at Movenpick

After the kids and hubby's short dip in the beach (Maribago Bluewater), we drove to Ibiza (Movenpick) to see the place and enjoy the music while having paella mariscos and a round of drinks.

We love the look of the place. Quite a fortune must have been spent to totally make over what used to be a predominantly pink structure. Very nicely done. Next time we come back, we'll make it in the afternoon, just before the whole place is illuminated.

(Grainy photos taken by an iPhone.)

at the main lobby

the way to Ibiza

Hola, Ibiza!







saying bye to the fish below... and promising to be back soon...

Let's Go To The Beach... Beach!

It's around 45 minutes drive from our house to Maribago Bluewater Resort and we just came from a lunch treat courtesy of the Khos. It was past 3pm but we proceeded to Mactan to use the membership card for the first time.

Upon entrance, we were let in after we showed the card. That was a score. When we tried to request for towels, they required for P500/towel deposit, P400 of which would be refunded. No worries, we brought our own.

We're still here now and I'm keen to find out if this membership is as good as they advertised it to be or if the "horror" stories about bad service will be proven or debunked.

We'll see. So far... so good.


We'll be back for sure.

The Prizes In Our 21 Years

Apr 18, 2013

After Feasting On Ice Cream And Chips

An old-time specialty in this family is having our ice cream sprinkled with bits of chips. Tonight it was queso and ube ice cream topped with barbecue clover chips.

Heaven in a cup!

And this was how satisfied we looked after.

Almost 18 Years Ago

Back in the day...

Our eldest son, in the middle, is shown here with some of his cousins. A year later, we had our 2nd son then followed years after by our youngest in 2004.

Apr 17, 2013

Allow The Birds To Perch And Fly Away

Son no. 1 (in blue) is back from uni for a short break. When he goes back to attend his last schoolyear, son no. 2 (in black) will join him... Before June, not one, but both will be in the big city far from home.


Time flies.

"Consider the trees which allow the birds to perch and fly away without either
inviting them to stay or desiring them never to depart. If your heart can be
like this, you will be near to the way."

-Zen Buddhist teaching

Pics Before And After The Boys Decided To Camp In Our Room

So this is (partly) what summer break means to our sons...

Okay, I will reclaim my space later after I do my yoga and freshen up. It's not everyday all the sons are in one place after all.

Apr 16, 2013

Halo-Halo Kind of Saturday

This was taken last Saturday when my Ma invited everyone in the family for some snacks. It was scorching hot at home and the A/C was already overworked. The mall wasn't a bad idea at all.

We ordered halo-halo to cool ourselves. And even if Ma was taking maintenance medication for diabetes, this didn't stop her from having her own cuppa.

Apr 13, 2013

Fruit Ninja For Dessert

While playing Fruit Ninja...

Hubby: You keep winning.
Jake: Try harder. Watch and learn.
Hubby: (with a teasing tone) Ok, I'll practice for a week and I'll beat you!
Jake: Weh!

Trash talking 101.

A Little Tweak On My Alignment

Since our kids started their school break, I have been quite lax about keeping fit. Lately, right after lunch, my afternoon activities include sitting on the couch tinkering with my ipad while my grader watches an hour or two of his favorite cartoon shows. "Bonding" moment is really a lame excuse for this sedentary (non)activity. And it even turns from bad to worse when we start raiding the pantry and the ref for munchies and junk food. Ayayay!

A few days back, I weighed myself prior to attending my usual yoga class. The scale tipped at four pounds over my last weight. No surprise there after the junk food binge eating and hours of sitting, right? Still, my jaw dropped south when I saw the effect of backsliding. 2 kilos heavier!?! This could not go on. Time to get a grip on myself.

So... I began cutting my portions like I used to and went as far as checking out Emeals's weekly menu plan for food ideas to break the usual fare. I bought a yoga app too so I could do my practice at home when I don't feel like dressing up and driving to the studio. Little steps to get me back on track and keep the weight from creeping back again.

I can do this.