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Maid survives fall from Singapore 9th floor

by May When I arrived from work today, I went online and read Yahoo News. The first article I read was about a maid who survived falling from the 9th floor of a HDB in Singapore. Next to her was a bamboo stick and a pile of clothes which probably meant that she was drying/collecting laundry from outside the window. In Singapore, it's a common practice of drying laundry using a bamboo rod in which one end is stuck in a foot long metal tube right below the kitchen window and the other end is left hanging. For me, it's a scary thing to do. Because if you don't do it the right way, the weight of the laundry will cause you to go off balance and worst, cause you to fall out of the window. That is why I bought the alternative which is 2 fork like metal rods where you can put 4 bamboo sticks and bring your clothes to dry either inside the house or at the hallway. Safer! Now, if the employer is found negligent, he can be fined S$5,000, jailed for 6 months, and banned from hiri

Air Philippines: Bad-get Airlines!

by May At first, we had no intentions of going back home for the holidays but circumstances changed it. Searched for the cheapest fare and booked it immediately. Most Pinoys in Singapore would be afraid flying with Air Philippines since they just opened flights to and from Pinas. However, for us, it's not a choice. We were the 2nd to the last to check in and spent no time waiting to board the aircraft. The first few minutes were spent putting Ziggy to sleep. After that, almost everything went smoothly yun kasi if you're very hungry, you can only buy snacks but not rice meals. We arrived in Cebu International Airport on schedule. After immigration, we went to pick up our bags. In total, we had 3 luggage. First bag came...then our 2nd bag...patiently, we waited for our 3rd bag. Suddenly, we realized the same bags kept showing on the conveyor and only a few of us left waiting. One airport staff spoke in Cebuano to one passenger looking for their luggage, ang sabi, lahat ng bag

New Year and New Beginning

by May Starting to blog again. I want to write about the things I see in Singapore so people will know what they can expect when they visit this small city. 'Haven't really started moving around or doing things here because I'm still down with cough and colds but maybe next week, you will see them coming. :) All I know for now is that people are starting to do their spring cleaning again because the next big thing in Singapore is the Chinese New Year. Why suddenly blogging now? Because my kids are miles away and so I have more time to write. Also, inspired me. 'til then...

December Events: My MIL's Birthday

Mommy-in-law doesn't like crowded places so we brought her to Ginza where we had Japanese food for dinner. The place is an old favorite. It was perfect for Mommy as it was uncluttered and not too noisy. The other families there were celebrating in private function rooms so we were pretty much able to engage in a good conversation. Mommy is not much of a talker by nature. That night, she mostly sat on her wheelchair and just laughed at Jake's antics and at the stories Jerry and our boys regaled her with. Such a heartwarming sight... That day too, we drove her to our new place to let her see where our next major move would be. :) And God-willing, if everything falls into place, the move will happen within Q1 of this year.

December Events: Papa(razzi)'s Birthday

Not counting the office parties Jerry had to attend in Cebu and Manila, the whole family flew to Manila for my Papa(razzi)'s birthday. The date luckily fell on the same weekend I was to attend my 25th high school homecoming at De La Salle Zobel. Happy days I tell yah. And this is just on the first half of the month. lunch at Kabisera BFFs, Paparazzi and Papa Rhante Ma, me, Pa and Jake at Bonifacio Global City Ma, Pa, Jake and Kyle Jerry caught up with us after his client meeting. Busy-busy... :)

December Events: Jerry's Birthday

December is usually a busy month at work and at home. Preparations for the festive season is bordering on crazy chaos to say the least. Jerry's birthday happens to be on the week when most Christmas parties are scheduled. In contrast to the whirlwind of activities, we all welcomed a quiet time to get away from it all. We spent an afternoon having refreshments at Crimson Resort in Mactan... birthday boy Matt and I our three boys Jake wanted to swim but we were just there for snacks.