Air Philippines: Bad-get Airlines!

by May

At first, we had no intentions of going back home for the holidays but circumstances changed it. Searched for the cheapest fare and booked it immediately. Most Pinoys in Singapore would be afraid flying with Air Philippines since they just opened flights to and from Pinas. However, for us, it's not a choice.

We were the 2nd to the last to check in and spent no time waiting to board the aircraft. The first few minutes were spent putting Ziggy to sleep. After that, almost everything went smoothly yun kasi if you're very hungry, you can only buy snacks but not rice meals. We arrived in Cebu International Airport on schedule. After immigration, we went to pick up our bags. In total, we had 3 luggage. First bag came...then our 2nd bag...patiently, we waited for our 3rd bag. Suddenly, we realized the same bags kept showing on the conveyor and only a few of us left waiting. One airport staff spoke in Cebuano to one passenger looking for their luggage, ang sabi, lahat ng bag ay na unload na. To make it short, 4 groups including us would go home without our bags.

We went to the office of AirPhil at the 2nd flr... filed a report... and took a rented car, which my sis arranged for us, to take us to the hotel and bring us to Ayala Center for dinner. It took the airline company 2 days to return our bag. Kung hindi pa namin sinabing uuwi na kami, hindi pa nila aasikasuhin yun. Kainis! It contained my kids' clothes and our undies so had to buy new ones. Dobleng kainis!

We took off to Manila on Dec 29 through Philippine Airlines. Nothing compares with a huge airline like PAL. Though the trip was short, snacks were served. Kung hindi lang siya mahal, palagi nalang kami PAL.

Our trip back to Singapore was with Jetstar. Another favorite. What's good about them is that their free baggage allowance remained at 20kg per person. Here, you have more choices of food to order. They have rice meals too. Jetstar, though a budget airline, lands at Changi Airport instead of the Budget terminal like Cebu Pac and Air Phil. I have nothing against Budget terminal but I still prefer Changi.

Good thing, out of 3 airlines only 1 gave us a headache.


  1. It is always a pain when your checked-in luggage and you don't arrived at the same time or at the same destination.


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