Jan 30, 2014

Splurging a bit with my little date


Primping before our first session for the year


The pounds have crept back and I could feel  that I've lost my flexibility since I stopped going to the yoga studio last October.  I have no other reason aside from the earthquake last Oct 15 that caused countless aftershocks and made me paranoid at the slightest tremor.  Plus, Yolanda happened a month later.  

The aftershocks have significantly lessened and the typhoon-ravaged provinces have since concluded the search/rescue/retrieval operations but I have yet to get back to my healthy regimen.  

To break my hiatus, I attended together with M, my first session for this year - hot vinyasa.  

*** The muscles were sore from the session for the next few days...  :P

Jan 29, 2014

Look at the size of that! Thank God it didn't shatter 🙏

On the road to my son's school, I momentarily stopped as the jeepney in front of me unloaded a passenger.  Unexpectedly, I heard a loud crashing sound and saw a rock, the size of a fist, roll down the windshield in front of me toward the side fronting the passenger seat.  WT...!  My instinct was to look around to see where it came from.   Then I met the gaze of a man in tattered clothes... He was all dirty and looked straight at me while he walked on the opposite side of the road.  Kinda creepy.  It made me shudder more when I realized he could run after me if he wanted to, bang at my door or throw more rocks at the car...

I was relieved when the vehicles in front of me started moving.  Still shaken and with the filthy rock still on my hood, I got to Jake's school.  After he boarded, I sped to, of all places, the mall to have the car cleaned and the rock disposed of.  I didn't want to touch it, not even with a 10-ft pole.

Jan 13, 2014

XLB, Machang and Stuffed Beancurd


We make it a point to have dinner before 6pm.  That gives the grader about 2-3 hours to digest his food before he goes to sleep at 830 or 9pm.  He is up by 5-530 am, hence the early bedtime during school days.

Today's early dinner was at Fung's Noodle House where we had their bestseller XLB together with machang (sticky rice stuffed with meat) and stuffed beancurd.  Pretty healthy choices if you ask me.  We all had a good fill, but of course... nobody could be happier than my Chinese hubby. LOL.

Iron Lady, that's me


Thanks to the sudden departure of the two "kasambahays" who thought they had a windfall after they received their 13th month pay together with their December 15 salaries, I have found myself with more domestic activities to fill my day.  

No, really, thanks a lot K and G!  I believe it's time I take over the things around the house and (wo)man up to domesticity.  Not counting cooking, which is hubby's turf, I do the other chores waaay better than I give myself credit for.  

It's been 2 weeks and, thank heavens, I have yet to feel the backaches and muscle pains from all the cleaning, dishwashing, laundering (delicates only) and ironing of clothes.  I guess yoga prepared me and made me limber for these.  Haha!  

Seriously, I think I will soon get the hang of things.  The house has never been this spotless! 

Jan 11, 2014

Our Jacob's First Holy Communion


This morning, our youngest son received his First Holy Communion together with his grade 3 batchmates.  Seeing the young boys and girls looking very angelic while walking solemnly with clasped hands by their chests, most of the parents couldn't help but become emotional.  In fact, there was one mother who was visibly wiping her tears while another one was patting her back...

The last time we celebrated a similar milestone was almost 10 years ago when our middle son received his First Holy Communion.  So long ago was that, that this time it felt like a first again for this family.  

While observing the beautiful ceremony unfold, I realized that our son received not one, but two new Sacraments.  One, he had his First Confession a few days ago, which enabled him (and all of the communicants) to receive the Host with a pure soul and in a state of grace and two, this First Holy Communion.  

As parents, hubby and I were made proud again.  And along with these feelings of pride and joy, I fervently pray that from now on, our Jake will grow in his faith and have an intimate union with our Lord.