Look at the size of that! Thank God it didn't shatter 🙏

On the road to my son's school, I momentarily stopped as the jeepney in front of me unloaded a passenger.  Unexpectedly, I heard a loud crashing sound and saw a rock, the size of a fist, roll down the windshield in front of me toward the side fronting the passenger seat.  WT...!  My instinct was to look around to see where it came from.   Then I met the gaze of a man in tattered clothes... He was all dirty and looked straight at me while he walked on the opposite side of the road.  Kinda creepy.  It made me shudder more when I realized he could run after me if he wanted to, bang at my door or throw more rocks at the car...

I was relieved when the vehicles in front of me started moving.  Still shaken and with the filthy rock still on my hood, I got to Jake's school.  After he boarded, I sped to, of all places, the mall to have the car cleaned and the rock disposed of.  I didn't want to touch it, not even with a 10-ft pole.


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