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First Week

We have moved a few times in the past. This was our 3rd. And each time, we are excited and hopeful that the new place would be better than the last. To those (few blog readers) not in the know, we lived with my mother-in-law for 7.5 years, then bought a condo and stayed there for 7.5 years. We sold the latter for a decent extra and bought a townhouse. Four years and one month later, we moved to this current one, a (condo-sized? :D) house... For how long we'll stay is another story, but we plan to stay put for as long as the space permits. :D Barely 1 week from the time we moved in, I think I have rearranged the furniture quite a bit I hope I didn't cause any permanent damage to the flooring. :) So far, this is how part of the ground floor looks like... standing from the main entrance, the living area is on the left, tv room on the right, dining area by the yellow wall, and partly hidden on the right is the kitchen More pics to follow as soon as I'm done empty

Crazy Happy Week

We have just moved in to a new address. The house took over a year in the making. And as everyone is familiar with how much work that entails: prior, during and after the move itself, imagine my current state of mind. I still have a lot of sorting to do. Errr where do I even start? And what am I doing tapping this post when my boxes and clothes are a messy mound sitting next to me? Well, I call this a short break... hehe... just a quick "me" time to check out what's new online. First off, I think I found a really good app to use for my Excel spreadsheet on my iPad. So far so good. Best part is it doesn't cost as much as the other similar apps with limited capabilities. I'm happily porting my finance and budget spreadsheets now and loving it. I will soon find out if its any good handling form 4868 tax extension or if it will meld with popular tax software s. For now, I'm going back to sorting my mess, unless I don't mind sleeping on them li

Goodbye Winter!

Glory to God for Spring is Here Toronto, Canada "Glory To God In The Highest" Glory to God in the highest, Glory to God in the highest, And peace to His people on earth Lord God, Heavenly King, Almighty God and Father We worship You We give You thanks We praise You for Your glory Lord Jesus Christ, only Son of the Father Lord God, Lamb of God You take away the sins of the world Lord, have mercy on us You are seated at the right hand of the Father Receive our prayer For You alone are the Holy One For You alone are the Lord For You alone are the Most High Jesus Christ With the Holy Spirit In the glory of God the Father Amen Gabby is now officially 3 ft tall! His full winter has allowed him to grow bigger but at the same time become more lovable in his mischievous ways. Since September, he bade goodbye to his 2 sets of lolos and lolas who left for the Philippines before the onset of the cold-er season. Although Winter wasn't harsh this year, we still had enou

Playtime is Almost Over

It's the first of June and we're now on the brink of summer vacation, right before school starts. And I just heard the collective groans of my sons, who are now glued to the digibox watching CSI, when they heard me say that. Heh, kids... We have a long list of activities on the homefront lined up for the succeeding days and that doesn't even include school. A big move is happening and we may appear unflustered by it all but the undercurrent is such that I couldn't even begin to describe. To cut the story short, my parents are moving from Manila to Cebu. Now it's my turn to groan. Haha! Just kidding on the "groan" part. This has been a long laid out plan we hatched since 2002 when my father underwent a quadruple bypass. They were hesitant to move and be under our care up until last year when Pa had to undergo yet another heart procedure, angioplasty. Soooo... after a lot of talks and wavering in between, they are finally coming. More on thi