Crazy Happy Week

We have just moved in to a new address. The house took over a year in the making. And as everyone is familiar with how much work that entails: prior, during and after the move itself, imagine my current state of mind. I still have a lot of sorting to do. Errr where do I even start? And what am I doing tapping this post when my boxes and clothes are a messy mound sitting next to me? Well, I call this a short break... hehe... just a quick "me" time to check out what's new online.

First off, I think I found a really good app to use for my Excel spreadsheet on my iPad. So far so good. Best part is it doesn't cost as much as the other similar apps with limited capabilities. I'm happily porting my finance and budget spreadsheets now and loving it. I will soon find out if its any good handling form 4868 tax extension or if it will meld with popular tax softwares.

For now, I'm going back to sorting my mess, unless I don't mind sleeping on them literally for another night. More posts and pics of the new nest to follow asap.


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