Oct 21, 2014

Happy UN Day from me and my Italian gondolier! 🇮🇹


Oct 17, 2014

"I eat cake, because it's somebody's birthday somewhere" --- This is a must try... red velvet brownie a la mode at Treat Street Cafe.


Now that hubby is back from Jakarta and eldest son from Manila, my weekend starts NOW! TGIF


Vintage lariat on blue aztec print


Vintage lariat on blue aztec print - I used to be a shirt and denim kind of person back in the day. I think I still am. However, I have recently found myself daring to wear apparel and accessories outside of my comfort zone. I'd like to think my eldest son got it right when he said I seem to have gained some new-found confidence... Hmm, sign of aging perhaps, because 47th is coming up 😊

Oct 1, 2014

The weather may be dreary but my afternoon was not 👌

via IFTTT,

Greeting October with photos of my morning date with our youngest son

And I see other parent/s-kid/s "dating" too.  

It seems that people have found a way to deal with early morning traffic.  That is to leave home early and just eat out.  Thankfully, the school cafeteria is ready for the morning crowd.  So on weekdays, breakfast in this school has become family time as well. :)