Jul 5, 2017

070517 Lunch with Pa, Ma and sis at latter’s house http://ift.tt/2toeMoy

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070517 Nothing plain for today 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧#stripes #plaid #prints http://ift.tt/2tPbg9I

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The Sidewalk Cafe is “the best place to people watch on Venice Beach” - New Times Magazine http://ift.tt/2tN1l4I

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In 1905, after winning the Venice land on a coin flip with his partners, Abbot Kinney built Venice-of-America to be a personal monument to Venice, Italy. He built a fantasy city with real canals, a wood boardwalk and piers with rides and water slides. It was a huge hit! Celebrities like William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies strolled the Venice Boardwalk. Sarah Bernhardt performed in the Venice Auditorium; Charlie Chaplin clowned in Abbot Kinney’s auto races, and Mary Pickford was rowed in her own gondola. Venice was the place to be! - Sidewalk Cafe Website