Mar 24, 2014

Day 1

Yesterday, hubby and I joined 2 of our sons and their cousins at yoga.  Jake, the youngest, was left at his grandma's place to wait for our session to end.  This morning was his turn at having his own physical activity - swimming.

Because we weren't club members in this club, we are grateful to Achie, my sis-in-law for facilitating J's enrollment to this summer class. :)

So today was Day 1.  

Mar 23, 2014

There is always something new to try at Circa 1900 (Cebu)

If you happen to be in Cebu and you are open to try food with a delicious twist, then Circa 1900 is the place to be. We have been frequenting this century-old, house-turned-restaurant for dinner and so far, everything is consistently excellent - the food is delicious,the service is prompt and efficient, the ambiance is outstanding. No wonder the place is always full.

Thank God for family time

Like always, hubby and I open up our schedules and make ourselves available whenever the sons are in town.  This trip, we crammed activities for family bonding as much as we could given the limited time.  We hung around each other at home, in the mall and at their grandma's place.  We heard mass together.  We partially "sponsored" the food during the Sunday lunch with my in-laws, which, from the looks of it, the sons seemed to enjoy having.  Haha, a welcome respite from their student meals.  We joined the sons and their cousins for an afternoon session on ashtanga yoga.  We had a delectable dinner and dessert overload at the newest place to be, the Circa 1900.  So much more to do really, if only we had more time.

In a few hours, they fly back to Manila to attend their college classes and it would take at least three weeks until we see each other again.  Thus, each time the older sons come home to Cebu, it's always a celebration of sorts.  I am normally frugal, but when they are in town, hubby and I just let loose and forget about counting the cost.  Just how do you put a price on precious family time?

Complete! Sons 1 and 2 are now in town :)

After hearing the 930am mass together at the chapel located at the new wing of the Ayala Center Cebu, hubby proceeded to Annie's for his long overdue haircut while the sons escorted me to SumoSam.  We were there to order part of the food we were bringing to my Mother-in-law's place for our Sunday lunch - ebi and kani-nori-cheese tempura, the boys' favorite.  

These photos were taken while we were waiting for the resto to open and while we were the only ones in that stretch of the Terraces. :)

Busy with the bricks

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Mar 16, 2014

Shorts and shades on Sunday

If I can't pull off the "copying", I put on a "better arm candy".  LOL.  

From #linnorstoleherlook series on Instagram.

Mar 15, 2014

Coffee for two

Hubby and I bumped into the family of my brother/sister-in-law and got treated to yummy Illy coffee at the Marriott. :D


You could almost tell who had what. :D

Mar 11, 2014

He's 10!

Looking at him now, we marvel at how he has grown. This 10 year old bundle of energy has never-ending stories to tell and countless questions to ask. The only time he can be in one place seemingly quiet, is when he is glued to the tv or when he is busy with a game on an iPad. Yet, even then, we could hear his soliloquy, sound effects and sporadic outbursts when he reacts to his virtual opponents. He can't be silenced for long periods. He is a motormouth in the car, in the shower (he sings too) or practically anywhere... LOL.

Talking, almost incessantly, is his catharsis, I think.

Not everyone knows the story about Jake, though... In the short clip below, in front of the whole school during the Sinulog mass last January, he talks about the time when he was born... very much unlike most of his peers...


The day I was born 9 years ago, the anticipation of my parents for my birth, turned to worry when I came out weighing only 2 pounds.
2 pounds! That is just like how a liter of your favorite milk or soda weighs.
I was all skin and bones.
I looked very frail and thin that both Pa and Ma feared I might not make it.
Not make it? In other words, die young?  What a scary thought!
Pa and Ma feared the worst but prayed and hoped for the best.
With child-like faith, they turned to God and prayed to the Sto. Niño for me.
They prayed unceasingly for my survival.
And miracle of miracles, I pulled through!!!
The doctors and nurses of Perpetual Succour Hospital were so glad when I started to feed on water and milk.
I stayed in the NICU for 9 days where Pa and Ma lovingly visited me everyday... for feeding and for bonding.
During that time, I began gaining weight.
Slowly but steadily I grew each day, each week, each month, and each year that passed.
I grew like the rest of my peers.
Now I'm actually bigger and taller than some of my friends! 
Our family considers me as a living miracle of God's power. 
Thanks be to God and to the Sto. Niño for giving me the gift of life.
The day I was born was the day our lives changed.

Pit Senyor!  Viva Señor Santo Niño!

Breakfast at school and bumped into Fr. Manny. Here for Sinulog mass.
We were all there too during the mass. Here in the photo with the brood was Fr. Manny, the school President.