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Look Who Grew His Fur Back

Bo is happy to have his fur again after a close shave a few weeks ago. :) See the smile? LOL

Done With Tests, Now What?

Last weekend's 4-day break has come and gone. Jake has promptly forgotten about the Plants and Zombies musical which we actually watched not once but two times last week! He is now fixating on this weekend's (Saturday) soccer game for the Subangdaku Football Club in the morning and a kiddie party in the afternoon. Looks like a fun Saturday schedule for Jake. After the recent long weekend, there followed three school days, during which time, Jake and Kyle's test results were given. 10th grader Kyle was happy with his, particularly in Advance Algebra where he got a 96, the highest in his class. Way to go! And the 2nd-grader, Jake, was not to be outdone in his test results. He had his share of bragging as well (hihi), and said he was one of the highest in Science. LOL Well, I'm happy, as they are, with the test results after the hardwork they put in. This weekend is another long one (gotta love August!). They deserve to enjoy the break. Then next week is the s

Before the 4-Day Weekend

One more day!!! I can hardly wait. *giddy* Not that we have big plans lined up for the 4-day weekend (Aug 18-21), it's just that this week is the first quarterly tests of the boys. We've been holed up at home since last Saturday reviewing the 2nd grader. And tomorrow is the last day of tests. Yah! Hanging tight now and then I regain a bit (more) of my me-time which I dutifully relegated to the sidelines for the time being. Reviewing Jake is not a walk in the park, mind you. Don't get me wrong, though. He is smart and easily grasps the subject matter. It's his lack of attention to details that provokes me to summon up my tiger-mom persona. I just don't get why he would skip one or two numbers in a few of his quizzes. In a hurry to finish so he could doodle or play, perhaps? *facepalm* Anyway... we're on the last stretch. I keep reminding him to review his answers when he's done and to make sure no numbers are skipped. Whether he'll remem

Birthday and Other Thoughts

I have to pinch myself. It is kinda surreal knowing that our eldest son is now 19 years old. I don't even feel like I've been mom for that long! Haha. Mother in denial? When I look back, I only remember the happy times, really. Oh wait... the multiple night feedings, the colic bouts, 40-degree fevers, the teething, the sudden call by the school nurse saying they had to shower him in school because a caterpillar ("higad"/"til-as") fell on him and he was itching all over. Yeah... God blessed us with good kids (I cannot thank heavens enough!) and Matt, the eldest, is evidently growing up to be the man he is destined to become... I am particularly proud that he has grown to be very sweet, intelligent, independent, generous, dependable, and funny. That last one is something I'm most amused about. Matt is certainly someone who appreciates the lighter side of life. I love that with his brand of humor, he can easily make me laugh... even if I'