Before the 4-Day Weekend

One more day!!! I can hardly wait. *giddy* Not that we have big plans lined up for the 4-day weekend (Aug 18-21), it's just that this week is the first quarterly tests of the boys. We've been holed up at home since last Saturday reviewing the 2nd grader. And tomorrow is the last day of tests. Yah! Hanging tight now and then I regain a bit (more) of my me-time which I dutifully relegated to the sidelines for the time being.

Reviewing Jake is not a walk in the park, mind you. Don't get me wrong, though. He is smart and easily grasps the subject matter. It's his lack of attention to details that provokes me to summon up my tiger-mom persona. I just don't get why he would skip one or two numbers in a few of his quizzes. In a hurry to finish so he could doodle or play, perhaps? *facepalm*


Anyway... we're on the last stretch. I keep reminding him to review his answers when he's done and to make sure no numbers are skipped. Whether he'll remember to do so, or not, is something we will find out next week when the test results come out. Meanwhile, I'm counting the hours to the weekend. Almost there...

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