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Drive to SRP

We had a short window to plan for a family vacation last summer. Matt, the eldest, only had mid-April up to May for school break while Kyle, the middle son, was in Xiamen from March up to May. That left us with barely a week to be complete as a family and enjoy each other's company before the start of school. With a few days before Matt flies back to Manila, we made sure to spend the limited time being together even if it meant simply sharing home-cooked meals or just driving around town. One such place we drove to was the SRP (South Road Properties) in Cebu. Right now, it looks empty and massive, but it gives you an unobstructed view of the sea on one side and the mountains on the other side. Jerry once told me that Kawit Point used to be a small island but is now connected to mainland Cebu because of the SRP. Click here for "then and now" images. Hmm... I have mixed feelings about that. Anyway... SRP will soon be the site of the new SM, UP campus, Bigfoot,

Lemon Grass or Lemongrass?

Googling it confuses me more as I see it written both ways. Anyway, the restaurant's name is Lemon Grass and it's where we were invited for dinner to celebrate our good friends Forden and Dahlia's birthdays last May (catch up entry #2 after almost 3 months!). I used to think their serving size was on the small side but after that night, I had a change of heart. The Vietnamese-Asian fusion dinner we had was actually filling and delicious. I should give this resto another go soon. :)

Cindy in Cebu

It took a looong time for me to post this and sadly, I have no excuse except for the "procrastination" bug that hit me. I haven't been actively blogging as of late. And save for the birthday greetings to family and friends to let them know they are in my thoughts on their special day, I haven't been posting as much status updates on my Twitter, FB or Google+ (yes I had the nerve to create yet another one) accounts. Social media burnout? I hope not. :) After going through hundreds of entries from the very first time I started blogging in Oct. 2002 (that long ago!), I felt energized to up and start again. So here goes catch up entry #1. Sometime in May, Cindy and her family spent a few days in Cebu. With my Jake and her kids in tow, we spent an afternoon chatting about stuff that covered, well, everything! We talked about family/kids, school, work, R&R, plans, health and errr... gossip. Hehehe. We practically lost track of time. And like always, storie