May 31, 2013

May 30, 2013

Eight Years Ago

A Throwback Thursday / TBT entry... We are first degree cousins on my father side and somehow you see the uncanny resemblance in our features. :)



This morning we sent off our 2-yr kasambahay... She has been a trustworthy and good all-around girl in the house :) and she made sure her reliever/replacement was on board and trained before leaving.

People like her are hard to come by these days. That's the reason why this family is very grateful for all her help in the last 2 years.

May 28, 2013

Did I Almost Hit Something With My Awkward Tree Pose?

Hubby and I, hamming it for the camera... Recent travel photos series

Boston Common
Boston, Massachusetts
May 4, 2013

May 27, 2013

Dug Some Recent Travel Photo

Palace of Fine Arts Lagoon
San Francisco, California
April 28, 2013

Send Off Dinner

Sending kids to college is kinda bittersweet. On one hand you are proud that they are spreading their wings and showing some independence, on the other hand, you miss having them around...

The elder sons are now in Manila for their first day of classes at DLSU. Matt is on his 4th year while Kyle is on his 1st year. It will be a month or two before we could see each other again. Haay... Some things, like this, are just not easy to get used to, but I'm pulling myself together now. I just have to cope.

May 25, 2013

I Stole Her Look

I Know What Jake Could Be Thinking

Jake is probably thinking "Ma's at it (OOTD) again".  Haha.  This was, believe it or not, in the men's fitting room while hubby was trying on some polo and shirts.

Like I always say, have mirror, will pose.

Outdoor Wall Art Project

I wanted wrought iron for the wall or something similar. But when I found this on Cashcashpinoy at a very low price, I said this would go well with our bare white wall too. :)

Sibling Revelry - Boston NYC Series

When hubby asked if I wanted to redeem some mileage for a ticket to the US to join him on his biz trip, I made a quick mental note...

There were several things going for us like: it was a chance to "escape" with hubby; I would be seeing San Francisco and New York again after a long time, and Boston for the first time; the trip won't be longer than two weeks so we would still have enough time to spend with the sons; and I'd be seeing my younger sibling (from the other side of the globe in Toronto) who would be joining the BOS-NYC legs of the business trip. It would be an instant reunion for us after last seeing each other in May 2012....

You see, next to my hubby and sons, my younger big bro is my best travel companion.

I love it when he unwittingly becomes my photo subject... (Waltham, Massachusetts)

(Newbury, Boston)

(Boston Marathon memorial for bomb victims, Copley Square)

(Central Park, New York)

It's fun when he willingly poses with me... (Boston Public Garden)

(Hardings, Manhattan)

(Times Square, NYC)

(Mario Batali's Eataly)

... to do OOTDs... (Nordstrom Rack, Newbury)

(Revere Hotel before the drive to Waltham)

It's extra memorable when he shares with me my first taste of real Boston clam chowder (Legal Seafoods resto)...

I enjoy it when he hams it up with my hubby (Vapiano, Boston)


(Chelsea Market, NYC)

or with me at the site of the Friends tv sitcom

or at Boston Common...

When hubby asked me again if I wanted to join him... "So, when do we leave?", I readily and excitedly replied.

May 23, 2013

Crooked Lombard

Something we learned about the streets of San Francisco is that there are crooked streets, like Lombard, Vermont and 22nd St at Collingwood. Lombard may not necessarily be the crookedest (in angle), but it's the one with more twists, it's the prettiest and it's the best known crooked street, making it one of San Francisco's best landmarks.

View of Coit Tower from Lombard St.
the view of Coit Tower in the distance from Lombard Street

Going down Lombard St.
Going down the twists and turns

The famous crooked street - Lombard
from the other side fronting Lombard

The famous crooked street - Lombard

By the famous crooked street - Lombard

Click here to check the other crooked streets >>> Crookedest streets of San Francisco

Going Gaga Over Bags?

I took this photo ("selfie") last month during my visit to the Designer Shoe Warehouse at Union Square in San Francisco.  A former colleague tipped me that the store was near the Grand Hyatt Hotel where hubby and I were staying at.  According to her, it was evil.  Haha!  Sooo true!  You could literally blow a month's salary here or more, because there's just a wide range of trendy shoes AND bags at rock bottom prices.  


Did I buy anything?

Let's just say no and yes.

No, I didn't fall prey to the good deals here, in this store.  At least not yet at that time.  

Yes, the bag I was eyeing from a different store, was what I actually bought, but not without hesitation.  With two boys now in college, I kinda balked at the thought of unnecessary spending at this time.  I have to thank my lucky stars for being reminded that I had a 3-year old dormant payroll account.  It was under the radar of funds so to speak.  Sweet!  Now there's my justification!  Hehe, lame. 

It was what I used to satiate my "fixation" over the scent and buttery feel... of soft... lambskin... in red...

Hello, Le Pliage Cuir!

May 21, 2013

Keep Calm And Do Yoga

I have only gotten back to yoga after a 2-week trip.  And my body was really needing it... literally craving it and its benefits... the stretches, the calming breaths, the awakening of sedentary body parts, the circulation of blood through inversions... Yoga is very therapeutic for me.  

The vinyasa session this morning with Pascale which my middle son, my cousin and I attended was good (as always, with Pascale's routines).  We lost a pound of sweat (and hopefully the toxins too).  One pound, no kidding!   We usually make it a point to weigh ourselves before and after a session.

The best part is, I was able to do the headstand again... with a little help from my son, and the confidence knowing that the wall was just behind me. :)  Namaste.

Middle Son For Yoga Buddy

May 19, 2013

Sunday Napping

My sons 1 & 2 in my room while hubby and son 3 were out for an afternoon swim party... I will surely miss this when they go to uni in the bigger city (Manila) next week... 😔

May 17, 2013

Almost School Ready

Hubby and I skipped the Fridate and decided to stay home to enjoy streaming 80s / retro music.  I multi-tasked by wrapping all the son's grade 3 books.  :)

Happy for the quality time with hubby and for being able to tick off an item from the back-to-school list.

Friday At The Mall

Much as I would like to get back on track with my health regimen of yoga 2-3x / week and having only small portions during meals, admittedly, I did a backslide.  

I caved during dinner and had piping hot callos and rice.  



May 16, 2013

Cousins Waiting For Yoga / Gym Sessions

And I was the designated driver.  Hihi... I don't really mind.  Fact is, I welcome it when the son and nephew spend time together.  It strengthens their closeness.

In a week or two, they both fly to Manila (rival schools, Ateneo and La Salle) to enter their first year at uni.  They would surely be missed by family and relatives during special occasions and Sunday lunches.

So yeah, I welcome the times they spend together playing basketball or computer/ps games, sleeping over, going to the gym and whatever else they choose to do... even if I have to drive them around.

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