Going Gaga Over Bags?

I took this photo ("selfie") last month during my visit to the Designer Shoe Warehouse at Union Square in San Francisco.  A former colleague tipped me that the store was near the Grand Hyatt Hotel where hubby and I were staying at.  According to her, it was evil.  Haha!  Sooo true!  You could literally blow a month's salary here or more, because there's just a wide range of trendy shoes AND bags at rock bottom prices.  


Did I buy anything?

Let's just say no and yes.

No, I didn't fall prey to the good deals here, in this store.  At least not yet at that time.  

Yes, the bag I was eyeing from a different store, was what I actually bought, but not without hesitation.  With two boys now in college, I kinda balked at the thought of unnecessary spending at this time.  I have to thank my lucky stars for being reminded that I had a 3-year old dormant payroll account.  It was under the radar of funds so to speak.  Sweet!  Now there's my justification!  Hehe, lame. 

It was what I used to satiate my "fixation" over the scent and buttery feel... of soft... lambskin... in red...

Hello, Le Pliage Cuir!


  1. I have been looking for the perfect bag for me. I can't find it. Everytime we go to malls, I go to the bag sections or stalls selling bag. Wala ako makita na type na type ko. I hope I can find one that suits my needs :)

    1. you'll soon find that perfect bag that will just entice you enough to buy it, :)

  2. bags are also my weakness

  3. Ooh! I love the red bag! I've been eyeing an MK bag for months now, but I found the price very impractical. :)

  4. If I didn't have money to spend, I wouldn't enter the store. My heart would have been broken to leave it empty handed. hehe :)

  5. Wow Bags! If only I'm rich I'll definitely own a LOT of them..

  6. A lady cannot have enough bag.. and shoes.

    1. i kinda like that... perfect excuse for retail therapy... if only funds were unlimited. :D


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