May 30, 2014

Outdoor movie night with family and cousins :)

Adventure Time!

May 29, 2014

We are recycling leftover coloring materials from previous years and a KitKat tin for this schoolyear

May 10, 2014

Our cozy Airbnb cottage by the woods :: Cape Cod Series

Zee Band Reunion

The Zee Band is where Eva de los Santos and Chad Borja used to sing during the 80s.  That's another proof that there are a lot of good singers  from the Visayas.  The Kho and the Villaruel couples joined hubby and me on another friend's invitation, for a night of Earth, Wind and Fire, Manhattan Transfer, Al Jarreau songs and more that brought me back to that memorable decade, the 80s.  

May 9, 2014

Provincetown :: Cape Cod Series

Pilgrim Memorial Monument, 1909

walking around town

while Jerry was buying our magnet... lol


the complete cast :)
nephew was a trooper that day even if he wasn't really feeling well"

quirky shops






"Bliss is the sand between my toes & the sunburn on my nose." - unknown

Touchdown Manila

44 Years Later :: Throwback Thursday

by Junnie

May 8, 2014

Our first lighthouse sighting on the cape

The Lighthouse
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1848)

“And the great ships sail outward and return
Bending and bowing o’er the billowy swells,
And ever joyful as they see it burn
They wave their silent welcome and farewells.”


Facts :

- The Highland Light - known as Cape Cod Light
- Oldest and tallest lighthouse on the cape
- Built in 1797
- The present location is not the original site.  It was moved 140 meters to the west because it was in danger of falling down the cliff due to beach erosion

We the North

(The last 20 days we spent vacationing at my brother's family home and around Canada and the USA seemed to just breeze by. And sitting here now at Toronto's Pearson Airport lounge, I open my iPad to my blog and see my brother's entry. *sigh* Goodbyes are always bittersweet no? Please read below how my brother writes about his son's way of coping...)

This morning, while preparing to go to school, my 5-year old son asked, no - pleaded - if he can stay longer at home. In fact, he was asking permission if he can skip school to take advantage of the last few hours with his cousins.

If you know Gabby, he has had bouts of separation anxiety in the past and one that can last for days. Once he woke up to a quiet house without his both sets of grandparents.

He went to check one room, sat on where his Lolo Macy will be seen reading a book, then he moved to an empty kitchen where his Lola Premie would;ve been seen preparing lunch. Both times he'd quietly walk away with head bowed down.

Just so you know, both had left for the Philippines almost 3 days prior. Yes he was doing this for 3 straight days.

I can imagine how bad these next few days will be.

Well for one, these past 20 days were spent with his first cousins. Almost like long lost brothers, he'd cling on to them, sit down on their laps and "just be with the boys".

He's been asking if they can stay "forever" with us. Explanations of them needing to go back to school or to work fell to deaf ears. I tried to explain how we counted the days from when we knew the cousins will arrive last Good Friday. We started as early as New Year and time just flew by.

The same way when we will see them next year. Time will fly by too... (I quietly assured myself)

All these explanations to deaf ears of someone who's bad at "goodbyes".

Well, surely he is not the only one...

by Junnie

May 5, 2014

Boston Common And Public Garden

The rocky nook with hilltops three
Looked eastward from the farms
And twice each day the flowing sea
Took Boston in its arms

- "Boston" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Boston Common

all mine :D

the boys and the nephew

Boston Public Garden

we found the bronze ducks!



Jake and his cousin G
walking along Beacon

hand in hand :)

quaint houses

at the State House with SIL M and nephew G

with brother's family

Never go on trips
with anyone you do not love...
-Ernest Hemingway