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Shangri-la vs AA's

We all know that hotel accommodation only comes with free breakfast. And hotel food for dinner is not exactly cheap especially for a family of five (where three are kids with huge appetites!) So come dinner time, the most logical thing to do was for us to drive off to nearby AA's for a generous helping of tinolang tangigue,sizzling squid, grilled boneless bangus, pork belly and of course kinilaw! In between spoonfuls of rice and fish, hubby said, there's something about the beach that makes you eat more... My thoughts exactly!

Beach Weather

Grateful for the perfect weather! I wish I could have this view at a snap of a finger. :) Well, 2 days here ain't too bad. (Now using wifi while waiting for the anticipated mass to complete the lovely weekend.)

Mothers' Day Weekend

With special plans laid out for the weekend, I'm hoping to spend every moment of this Saturday and Sunday bonding with the family. All the "noise" will be tuned out while I tune in to what's here and now... my three sons and my life partner for 20 years. :). And thankfully, because of them, I'm one with all mothers who will be celebrating Mothers' Day.

Summer Cooler

Take home halo-halo from Razon's FTW!!! Finally there's Razon's in Cebu now. :)