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Scenes from my birthday lunch yesterday


Heavenly hues on the eve of my special day

Image I see skies of blue..... clouds of white Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world.

I got treated to an early birthday lunch buffet


Jollibee's tapsilog after a 14-hour fast looks really appetizing


Trick or Treat - Our First

Image Thanks to social media, tv and the malls, Halloween or "Trick or Treat"-ing has become a trend, no, a tradition where we are (Cebu) now. It seems like I have been living under a rock not to be suckered into the hype. My older sons aged 20 and 17 never experienced trick or treating when they were younger. I hope they didn't miss out on anything. Hihi. My 9yo son, Jake, got invited by my cousin to join their first trick or treat rounds in their new neighborhood. When I told him about it, he got excited. In all his 9 years, he was actually going to his first! Although I knew it would entail some expense like buying a costume, a mask or a prop to dress up for the part, we went along. So it was actually a first for us too. The day before the event, we were at the mall to check out some costumes. There were a lot of options, but like I said, none came easy on the pocket. We settled for a black shirt and a pair of camouflage pan

Cousins and Friends


Trick or Treat!


Homemade burger and egg breakfast by hubby


Doing It In The Middle Of The Living Room

Image Aside from the headstand which I need to learn to execute without help, the other pose I'm currently practicing is the Virabhadrasana III or warrior pose. It's really not as easy as it looks but it sure works my core and leg muscles. If only I could hold the pose on each side for at least five full breaths... :) the inspiration for the pose

A Hairy Story


Bohol On My Mind

After the devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, 2013, we have been seeing pictures of destroyed bridges, collapsed churches and houses and fissured roads in Bohol. Even without being there, one could get a feel of the pitiful scenario of survivors especially those in remote areas, scrambling for relief goods, some to the point of begging by the roadside. They have been requesting for water, food, medicine, and tarpaulin to shield them from the elements. With continuous aftershocks in varying intensities and frequencies, it is far from over. It may take time to rebuild and get back to what and how Bohol used to be. But once again, the resilience of Filipinos in the face of crisis, most especially the Bol-anons, and the bayanihan spirit manifested by people from all over make me hopeful that everything will be okay. God bless the generous souls, donations continue to pour in. Thank heavens for selfless doctors, medical missions are ongoing. Though the scenario m

Luneta in the late 1960s

Image That's me in Pa's arms, squinting against the glare of the sun. Next to Pa is Ma, then pregnant with my younger brother.   I find it awesome looking at old photos and seeing people in the 1960s all dressed up in their fashionable, well-tailored, nicely pressed clothes, and in leather shoes or ladies sandals. Everyone looked very well put together here even if it was just for an afternoon stroll at the park to catch some rays and fresh sea breeze at the Luneta of yesteryears.