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After the devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, 2013, we have been seeing pictures of destroyed bridges, collapsed churches and houses and fissured roads in Bohol. Even without being there, one could get a feel of the pitiful scenario of survivors especially those in remote areas, scrambling for relief goods, some to the point of begging by the roadside. They have been requesting for water, food, medicine, and tarpaulin to shield them from the elements. With continuous aftershocks in varying intensities and frequencies, it is far from over. It may take time to rebuild and get back to what and how Bohol used to be.

But once again, the resilience of Filipinos in the face of crisis, most especially the Bol-anons, and the bayanihan spirit manifested by people from all over make me hopeful that everything will be okay. God bless the generous souls, donations continue to pour in. Thank heavens for selfless doctors, medical missions are ongoing. Though the scenario may seem bleak for now, with everybody pitching in in his own little way, Bohol will rise again. There is no other way but up. Bohol will get back to what and how she used to be.

A few years back we had the chance to see Bohol and her natural beauty. In a series of old family pictures, this is how I remember her...

Photos from April 2007

Jake with a stuffed tarsier toy
Jake and stuffed tarsier

at Carmen, going up

with officemates at Carmen to view the Chocolate Hills

a real tarsier sighting at Sagbayan Peak
Tarsier sighting (Sagbayan Peak)

our family at Sagbayan Peak with part of the Chocolate Hills in the background
Family pic at Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak

inside Hinagdanan Cave
Inside Hinagdanan Cave


Loboc River
Serenity (Loboc)

during our Loboc River Cruise
Jerry and me  (Loboc)

Loboc river cruise

Loboc river cruise

man-made forest


off to Balicasag to snorkel
Mykah, Kyle, Matt & me

Kyle, Matt, Jake, Jerry

brain corals at Balicasag
Brain coral

picture-perfect Panglao beach

my boys enjoying the pristine sand

Jake and the powdery white sand (Panglao)

overjoyed Matt and Kyle
Overjoyed (Panglao)

Matt with starfish (Panglao)

Photos from June 2011

Chocolate Hills in Carmen
bohol chocolate hills

bohol chocolate hills2

wishing well at Carmen, before it collapsed
bohol wishing well

Jake and the tarsier
bohol tarsier

Baclayon Church
bohol baclayon church

bohol baclayon church2

Blood Compact monument
bohol blood compact


  1. You're lucky to have gone to Bohol with your family. I haven't been back after I got married though. I hope my kids will get to enjoy Bohol soon. I know Bohol (and Cebu) can bounce back from this. :)

  2. Bohol is really a wonderful island. So sad to see the best tourist destinations ruined by the earthquake. I hope they will be able to rebuild them the soonest.

  3. I haven't been to Bohol yet. I do hope it will be restored soon with help from generous people and prayers to the Lord.

  4. A week before the quake, my cousin and I were planning a trip to bohol for next summer. I am sad that this happened but I know na mubangon ang Bohol and I can't wait to see that happen.

  5. Thank you for sharing your family photos from Bohol. This is also how I choose to remember the lovely island. I have many good memories of Bohol and hope to visit again someday.

  6. I want to have some me time there. Btw, Jake's so cute with the tarsier stuffed toy. I thought it's real. :)


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