Sibling Revelry - Boston NYC Series

When hubby asked if I wanted to redeem some mileage for a ticket to the US to join him on his biz trip, I made a quick mental note...

There were several things going for us like: it was a chance to "escape" with hubby; I would be seeing San Francisco and New York again after a long time, and Boston for the first time; the trip won't be longer than two weeks so we would still have enough time to spend with the sons; and I'd be seeing my younger sibling (from the other side of the globe in Toronto) who would be joining the BOS-NYC legs of the business trip. It would be an instant reunion for us after last seeing each other in May 2012....

You see, next to my hubby and sons, my younger big bro is my best travel companion.

I love it when he unwittingly becomes my photo subject... (Waltham, Massachusetts)

(Newbury, Boston)

(Boston Marathon memorial for bomb victims, Copley Square)

(Central Park, New York)

It's fun when he willingly poses with me... (Boston Public Garden)

(Hardings, Manhattan)

(Times Square, NYC)

(Mario Batali's Eataly)

... to do OOTDs... (Nordstrom Rack, Newbury)

(Revere Hotel before the drive to Waltham)

It's extra memorable when he shares with me my first taste of real Boston clam chowder (Legal Seafoods resto)...

I enjoy it when he hams it up with my hubby (Vapiano, Boston)


(Chelsea Market, NYC)

or with me at the site of the Friends tv sitcom

or at Boston Common...

When hubby asked me again if I wanted to join him... "So, when do we leave?", I readily and excitedly replied.


  1. Awwww....first of all, its been a year since I last saw someone with the same last name. Second, I have no choice since this Sales Trip was supposed to be with Jerry only with his regular visits to our clients. But someone tagged along.

    But then again, more than nostalgia or being forced into it, I really enjoyed the times and late nights, the sumptuous eat outs, the walks and yes, even the shouting - nary the hair pulling and kurot sa singit.

    Who else will keep quiet with me snickering at 3am when the hotel neighbor was rapping on our hotel door...Sibling revelry at its finest. Let's do it again....not one year after ha?

    1. praying that everything goes well so we could visit you, m and g in toronto next summer (latest). ;)

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Ms. Linnor, and it's you three are so cute together (no joke!). It's nice that your hubby and your brother get along well. :-)

  3. What fun to travel with siblings! I have traveled with my little bro once when we were super young. We were with our cousins so most of the memories I have are with my cousins rather than with him. I don't think I have gone abroad with my elder brothers.

  4. You and your brother really get along with. Great photos you have there Ms. Linnor. I'm excited to see more photos on your next trip. :)

  5. Nice photos! You and your bro really had a great time together!

  6. hello all! we are kids trapped in our 40+ years body when we're together. good that we have similar likes and ideas. it's easy being around each other.


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