Crooked Lombard

Something we learned about the streets of San Francisco is that there are crooked streets, like Lombard, Vermont and 22nd St at Collingwood. Lombard may not necessarily be the crookedest (in angle), but it's the one with more twists, it's the prettiest and it's the best known crooked street, making it one of San Francisco's best landmarks.

View of Coit Tower from Lombard St.
the view of Coit Tower in the distance from Lombard Street

Going down Lombard St.
Going down the twists and turns

The famous crooked street - Lombard
from the other side fronting Lombard

The famous crooked street - Lombard

By the famous crooked street - Lombard

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  1. It must have been tough to drive on a road like that...whew!

    1. luckily it was our cousin who was driving us down the street. hihi... i wouldn't probably dare.


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