Cindy in Cebu

It took a looong time for me to post this and sadly, I have no excuse except for the "procrastination" bug that hit me. I haven't been actively blogging as of late. And save for the birthday greetings to family and friends to let them know they are in my thoughts on their special day, I haven't been posting as much status updates on my Twitter, FB or Google+ (yes I had the nerve to create yet another one) accounts. Social media burnout? I hope not. :)

After going through hundreds of entries from the very first time I started blogging in Oct. 2002 (that long ago!), I felt energized to up and start again. So here goes catch up entry #1.

Sometime in May, Cindy and her family spent a few days in Cebu. With my Jake and her kids in tow, we spent an afternoon chatting about stuff that covered, well, everything! We talked about family/kids, school, work, R&R, plans, health and errr... gossip. Hehehe. We practically lost track of time. And like always, stories would outlast our tall cups of coffee.

Cindy went to school with me (since Grade 5) at De La Salle Zobel. Although we saw each other in Manila last December 2010 and April 2011, this was one of the few times we talked one on one. Bottom line is, I'm glad all is going great with her.

Nothing beats sharing a hearty laugh and having a grand time with good company. If only her kids weren't excited to go for an afternoon swim at Radisson Blu, and if my Jake didn't run out of PSP power, Cindy and I would have gone chatting on and on and on like energizer bunnies. :P

Cindy in Cebu (May 2011)
Cindy and her kids with me and Jake


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