Done With Tests, Now What?

Last weekend's 4-day break has come and gone. Jake has promptly forgotten about the Plants and Zombies musical which we actually watched not once but two times last week! He is now fixating on this weekend's (Saturday) soccer game for the Subangdaku Football Club in the morning and a kiddie party in the afternoon. Looks like a fun Saturday schedule for Jake.

After the recent long weekend, there followed three school days, during which time, Jake and Kyle's test results were given. 10th grader Kyle was happy with his, particularly in Advance Algebra where he got a 96, the highest in his class. Way to go! And the 2nd-grader, Jake, was not to be outdone in his test results. He had his share of bragging as well (hihi), and said he was one of the highest in Science. LOL

Well, I'm happy, as they are, with the test results after the hardwork they put in. This weekend is another long one (gotta love August!). They deserve to enjoy the break. Then next week is the start of a new grading period. Time for them to regroup and direct their energy to knowing about the new lessons. There are no grand plans to be like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or even timothy sykes in the future. For now, they only need to work hard in school and learn as much as they can.

our boys - 3rd, 2nd and 1st, with the family mascot


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