Birthday and Other Thoughts

I have to pinch myself. It is kinda surreal knowing that our eldest son is now 19 years old. I don't even feel like I've been mom for that long! Haha. Mother in denial? When I look back, I only remember the happy times, really. Oh wait... the multiple night feedings, the colic bouts, 40-degree fevers, the teething, the sudden call by the school nurse saying they had to shower him in school because a caterpillar ("higad"/"til-as") fell on him and he was itching all over. Yeah...

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God blessed us with good kids (I cannot thank heavens enough!) and Matt, the eldest, is evidently growing up to be the man he is destined to become... I am particularly proud that he has grown to be very sweet, intelligent, independent, generous, dependable, and funny. That last one is something I'm most amused about. Matt is certainly someone who appreciates the lighter side of life. I love that with his brand of humor, he can easily make me laugh... even if I'm the butt of jokes sometimes. :D

Matt, Jake and Kyle

Matt is 19. That means Jerry and I have been together for 20 years. Another set of memories comes rushing now... Times were different then, and Jerry and I have come through thick and thin, literally and figuratively. I get carried away browsing the internet to check out anniversary ideas and bay area event locations from when I feel the need to celebrate this milestone, because... who gets to celebrate 20 years these days, right? While we continue the journey for another 20 years (times 20), let me wallow in reminiscences. Nostalgia mode on.



  1. Hi Linnor,
    You don't look like a mom with a 19 year old... para lang kayong magkapatid.

    Happy 20th anniversary!

  2. thanks jo! :) aww... if only it stays that way (parang magkapatid). hehe...


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