Thank God for family time

Like always, hubby and I open up our schedules and make ourselves available whenever the sons are in town.  This trip, we crammed activities for family bonding as much as we could given the limited time.  We hung around each other at home, in the mall and at their grandma's place.  We heard mass together.  We partially "sponsored" the food during the Sunday lunch with my in-laws, which, from the looks of it, the sons seemed to enjoy having.  Haha, a welcome respite from their student meals.  We joined the sons and their cousins for an afternoon session on ashtanga yoga.  We had a delectable dinner and dessert overload at the newest place to be, the Circa 1900.  So much more to do really, if only we had more time.

In a few hours, they fly back to Manila to attend their college classes and it would take at least three weeks until we see each other again.  Thus, each time the older sons come home to Cebu, it's always a celebration of sorts.  I am normally frugal, but when they are in town, hubby and I just let loose and forget about counting the cost.  Just how do you put a price on precious family time?


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