Our Jacob's First Holy Communion


This morning, our youngest son received his First Holy Communion together with his grade 3 batchmates.  Seeing the young boys and girls looking very angelic while walking solemnly with clasped hands by their chests, most of the parents couldn't help but become emotional.  In fact, there was one mother who was visibly wiping her tears while another one was patting her back...

The last time we celebrated a similar milestone was almost 10 years ago when our middle son received his First Holy Communion.  So long ago was that, that this time it felt like a first again for this family.  

While observing the beautiful ceremony unfold, I realized that our son received not one, but two new Sacraments.  One, he had his First Confession a few days ago, which enabled him (and all of the communicants) to receive the Host with a pure soul and in a state of grace and two, this First Holy Communion.  

As parents, hubby and I were made proud again.  And along with these feelings of pride and joy, I fervently pray that from now on, our Jake will grow in his faith and have an intimate union with our Lord.


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