Jan 13, 2014

Iron Lady, that's me


Thanks to the sudden departure of the two "kasambahays" who thought they had a windfall after they received their 13th month pay together with their December 15 salaries, I have found myself with more domestic activities to fill my day.  

No, really, thanks a lot K and G!  I believe it's time I take over the things around the house and (wo)man up to domesticity.  Not counting cooking, which is hubby's turf, I do the other chores waaay better than I give myself credit for.  

It's been 2 weeks and, thank heavens, I have yet to feel the backaches and muscle pains from all the cleaning, dishwashing, laundering (delicates only) and ironing of clothes.  I guess yoga prepared me and made me limber for these.  Haha!  

Seriously, I think I will soon get the hang of things.  The house has never been this spotless! 

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  1. Wohoo! So you mean they're not coming back? Put on that superwoman cap now! :)


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