Maid survives fall from Singapore 9th floor

by May

When I arrived from work today, I went online and read Yahoo News. The first article I read was about a maid who survived falling from the 9th floor of a HDB in Singapore. Next to her was a bamboo stick and a pile of clothes which probably meant that she was drying/collecting laundry from outside the window.

In Singapore, it's a common practice of drying laundry using a bamboo rod in which one end is stuck in a foot long metal tube right below the kitchen window and the other end is left hanging. For me, it's a scary thing to do. Because if you don't do it the right way, the weight of the laundry will cause you to go off balance and worst, cause you to fall out of the window. That is why I bought the alternative which is 2 fork like metal rods where you can put 4 bamboo sticks and bring your clothes to dry either inside the house or at the hallway. Safer!

Now, if the employer is found negligent, he can be fined S$5,000, jailed for 6 months, and banned from hiring a maid.


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