December Events: Papa(razzi)'s Birthday

Not counting the office parties Jerry had to attend in Cebu and Manila, the whole family flew to Manila for my Papa(razzi)'s birthday. The date luckily fell on the same weekend I was to attend my 25th high school homecoming at De La Salle Zobel. Happy days I tell yah. And this is just on the first half of the month.

Lunch at Kabisera
lunch at Kabisera

Papa(razzi) and Papa Rhante
BFFs, Paparazzi and Papa Rhante

@ Bonifacio Global City
Ma, me, Pa and Jake at Bonifacio Global City

Ma, Pa, Jake and Kyle

BFFs Papa(razzi) and Papa Rhante

Starbucks after lunch
Jerry caught up with us after his client meeting. Busy-busy... :)


  1. So nice to eat with obvious relish the food like the Humba that Kabisera of Bonifacio High could offer not only because I had to celebrate it with loved ones but also because my friend, Dr. Rhante who is more than a brother to me came all the way from Los Angeles just to be with me on my day. Besides, he without my knowledge, went to the cashier to pay for all our orders instead of me footing the bills!

    Last year, the same, friend-brother with his wife came to Manila on my birthday and also gave the surprise of my life when Junnie, who acted as his accessory, invited your Mom and me for lunch at Hyatt Hotel with 14 other friends and KofC brothers attending!

    Wow, I wonder how I could really pay him back!

  2. i know how you can pay him back paparazzi....

    take him up on his offer for a school post in san bernardino. bilis! hahaha.


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