December Events: My MIL's Birthday

Mommy-in-law doesn't like crowded places so we brought her to Ginza where we had Japanese food for dinner. The place is an old favorite. It was perfect for Mommy as it was uncluttered and not too noisy. The other families there were celebrating in private function rooms so we were pretty much able to engage in a good conversation.

Mommy is not much of a talker by nature. That night, she mostly sat on her wheelchair and just laughed at Jake's antics and at the stories Jerry and our boys regaled her with. Such a heartwarming sight...

That day too, we drove her to our new place to let her see where our next major move would be. :) And God-willing, if everything falls into place, the move will happen within Q1 of this year.

MIL at Ginza

MIL's birthday


  1. What a lovey picture of a family. Easy to see the Love and Happiness

  2. ikaw lang yata ang di tumaba nung holidays! kakainggit naman.


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