Let's Go To The Beach... Beach!

It's around 45 minutes drive from our house to Maribago Bluewater Resort and we just came from a lunch treat courtesy of the Khos. It was past 3pm but we proceeded to Mactan to use the membership card for the first time.

Upon entrance, we were let in after we showed the card. That was a score. When we tried to request for towels, they required for P500/towel deposit, P400 of which would be refunded. No worries, we brought our own.

We're still here now and I'm keen to find out if this membership is as good as they advertised it to be or if the "horror" stories about bad service will be proven or debunked.

We'll see. So far... so good.


We'll be back for sure.


  1. Nice beach! Might visit this next year with my friends :D


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