After Feasting On Ice Cream And Chips

An old-time specialty in this family is having our ice cream sprinkled with bits of chips. Tonight it was queso and ube ice cream topped with barbecue clover chips.

Heaven in a cup!

And this was how satisfied we looked after.


  1. I'd have to try that. Savory and sweet. I just know chips and dip. A new experiment.

  2. All smiles! Very satisfied nga! :)

  3. Beautiful family sis! Blessings as always :)

  4. cute! you really have a lovely family

  5. My husband and I do that also. Balancing the sweetness of the ice cream with the saltiness of the chips. Our fav is tortillos. =)

  6. i'm sure when the kids finally leave home and living their own lives...maaalala nila ang bonding moments ninyo. :)

  7. wow, queso and ube ice cream? i love ube ice cream! yes, sometimes i also put chips on my ice cream. hihi! btw, your picture sure looks like you really had a great time! what a happy family! ♥


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