Revisited The Icons

We were so blessed to be toured around on a Sunday by hubby's cousin, Fanny. They were very generous of their time and drove us to practically all the iconic sights of San Francisco. As added bonus, they even treated us to a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
on the other side

Palace of Fine Arts Lagoon
Palace of Fine Arts

Victorian houses at Alamo Square
the Victorian houses in Alamo Square

By the famous crooked street - Lombard
in front of the famous crooked street - Lombard

The famous crooked street - Lombard

View of Alcatraz from Pier 39
Pier 39, with the view of Alcatraz behind us

View of Alcatraz from Pier 39

Golden Gate Bridge
our generous hosts


  1. This is nice! Sana lahat ng moms sumasali sa mga ganito

  2. Nice place! AT ung sidewalks at street nila mukhang mas friendly kesa dito sa Pinas!

  3. San Francisco is beautiful. What do you call that place in the upper right photo? I have seen that in movies.

    1. hi kat! true. that place on the upper right is called palace of fine arts

  4. Lovely photos! :) Enjoy!


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