A Taste Of Real Work As A Software Developer

It's day 1 of OJT for our eldest son today. He mentioned last night that he was nervous. I said it's a normal feeling. His Pa and I also had butterflies at some point. :) As I said that, my thought bubble was, wow... another milestone for our eldest son.

I suggested for him to channel his energy into learning new things, because the work experience he is bound to have will far outweigh whatever he learned from his comp sci course. This is as close to and as real as he could get in his field of expertise. His foray into the real world of software development is a valuable opportunity to prove his mettle.


  1. all the very best to him

  2. I hope the experience later turned meaningful and worthwhile :)

  3. good luck! I'm sure he'll do his best:)

  4. Good Luck! He will surely learn a lot!

  5. Must be very exciting for him! Goodluck!


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