On My Own (A Split Sec)

While doing the headstand, king of all yoga poses, this morning, I requested my yoga buddy to take a video so I would know where I could improve on with the pose. Thankfully, there's a split second clip where our instructor, Kim, sort of let go. Viewing it, I realized I gained enough core strength to hold my own weight for a moment. Not easy but not as difficult as before. I guess I am really getting there!

I'm still working on my alignment. It's quite a challenge with my 20% spinal curvature (scoliosis). It's hard to know whether I'm straight up or leaning to one side. Practice... practice...

Truly, I am thankful for the patience of our instructor! So far my yoga journey is going smoothly.



  1. This reminds me of our PE when I was in first year highschool. I failed to do a handstand, hehe. Ang galing mo sis :)

    Mommy Maye2

  2. Oh, gosh! Ang galing! I used to do ashtanga yoga and I am really wishing I could go back. (baka di ko na kayanin. I have really gained weight)

  3. Good for you and keep it up. i love yoga too.
    Have a great week!

  4. mommy maye2:
    thank you. kulang pa sa practice. :D mas mahirap yata ang handstand na pinagawa sa'yo. :)

    i began to love yoga from the first time i tried it last oct. i hope i'm able to keep it up. and i also hope you resume your practice. :D

    oh! nice to meet a fellow blogger who loves yoga too!

  5. WOW nice! I struggle with headstand pa lalo pg mgisa lng ako

  6. Wow. So, that's all part of yoga? Interesting.

  7. WOW! I admire you for this. Good for you girl! Keep it up!

  8. I would like to try yoga too. Maybe I will try to look video instructions online.

  9. Wow! I don't think I'll ever be able to do a headstand.

    I loved yoga too from the first time I tried it. It was to help with my aching upper back and shoulders as well as stress. Been doing it for a year and a half. I do it 3-4 times a week but I follow an online video. Don't have time to attend a class.

  10. cristiane:
    same here... i need to practice some more so i could do it by myself. :)

    chin chin:
    yes it is... but the instructors don't force it on the students. :)

    thanks! i was intimidated to try yoga before. timing may new studio so i took the chance and went with cousins who were also newbies.

    allan and jellybelly:
    there are yoga videos online that are easy to follow. the advantage of practicing in a studio is for when you want to try the more advanced poses and there's an instructor to tell you if you're doing it correctly. my hubby is now a convert. he joins me when he's in town. ;)

  11. wow!! congrats.. I don't think I can do this...keep it up

  12. my goodness, you can do that pose? you're so good!
    keep it up
    btw, hope you can write a little on how to do that yoga pose and its benefits to educate us

  13. Whoa! Galing naman! When I was in high school, I only managed to do the shoulder stand...sayang that I never continued yoga after our PE class. I was still quite flexible and lighter then. If I had continued, I could have been doing this already. I'm kind of stiff now but am thinking of starting it again. Just have to find the right class. Either yoga or pilates siguro.

  14. i would love to try yoga but i don't know any place that offers here in our place. :(

  15. rosemarie: thanks! it's worth a try :)

    reese: thanks! i need more practice pa. i will post how-tos if i've mastered it na.

    aileen: i used to be stiff too. after a few months of doing it, my flexibility improved somehow. so i'm sure you'll still do well.

    tet: there are videos on youtube that you could follow while you're still looking for a class to join in :D


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