Following The Scent Of The Sea

Due to tight schedules, we were not able to avail of our complimentary accommodation at Maribago during summer.  Last Saturday, the college sons just got back in town from Manila for their trimestral break, just in time for the long weekend in Cebu (Osmena Day, 9/9).  I saw the opening, made arrangements and luckily got our preferred date. Yes!  So now we're still here as of this writing.

We like it that there are beaches in Cebu that are just a short drive.  Maribago is one of them.  Today is not scorching hot and not rainy either.  Everybody is having fun and enjoying the remainder of the Monday holiday at the beach.  Thank God for family, for the accessible beach, for the perfect timing and so far, for the perfect weather too.


  1. I love that about Cebu too, the short drive to BEAUTIFUL beaches. Kasi dito naman sa Luzon meron din, pero if we want the really nice ones, medyo mas malayo ang drive.

    Love your outfit :)

    1. having the beaches and the mountains within driving distance are some of the pluses which made me love cebu. though i was born and raised in manila, i consider cebu my home now :)

  2. You look so relaxed and happy. What a wonderful opportunity to go away and enjoy the beach before the busy season starts. Good for you! :-)

  3. If given the chance, I would love to live in Cebu! :)

  4. thanks vera, eof777 and tet! :D


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