Razon's Halo-Halo Is Best Eaten With Friends And Where It Originally Came From

Our way of capping our weekend escapade at Tarlac and Pampanga a few days ago... yummy halo-halo from Pampanga's Razon's. 


  1. i am drooling...i badly want to eat halo halo for like days now. max's and chowking cannot satisfy my craving for the perfect one and i was just imagining razon's and then this post. :-) now i have to get back into dreaming of eating by looking at your photo.

  2. I remember tasting my first Razon. That was when we went to travel to Tarlac because of the christening of my uncle's daughter. Too bad I didn't get to enjoy it that much. I guess because of pregnancy hormones that time. My taste buds are not into anything :(


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