Awake Before Daybreak

My alarm goes off at 445am and every 15min after that until 6am, every school day.  In between, hubby, son and I rush through shower, breakfast and clean-up.  Then off to school we go trying to beat the rush hour traffic.  I'm sure this schedule is the same for most families with school age kids. :)  

So now I'm early for yoga class.


  1. That often happens to us. Daddy will snooze the alarm only to find out it was shut off. Thank God our helper will knock on our door if Daddy when down yet.

    1. hehe... i make it a point not to press the snooze button. otherwise, major stress if ma-late. lol

  2. wow, 4:45am? i am still asleep at that time. haha! the earliest i can be up is at 5:30am with the latest being 6:30am. good thing my office is just a 5-min jeepney ride away.:)


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