Patrocinio de Maria Church, Boljoon, Cebu

Last Maundy Thursday, our family went with 2 other families for our Visita Iglesia roadtrip to the south of Cebu Province. The coastal towns were very picturesque and were dotted with old churches. This photo was taken by the kids in our group during our stop at the old church of Boljoon, the Patrocinio de Maria Church, built by the Agustinian friars.

After saying our short prayers, we proceeded to admire the beauty of the place. Then we hammed it up with the camera, the part which the kids obviously enjoyed.

the scenic view on our way to the church

the church built sometime in 1700

this is the view from the church writes: "Boljoon Church is a national heritage landmark and is currently undergoing restoration and rehabilitation. It is the only Spanish colonial church in Cebu today that is still in its most original form (i.e. clay-tiled roofing in church, belfry and convent, etc.) and the only one included in the list of twenty-six National Cultural Treasures by the National Museum of the Philippines. The church has also been nominated for inclusion to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites."


my sons 2nd, 3rd and 4th from left, with friend J




  1. How nice! I think the only picture my hubby and I have with both sets of parents was the one taken during our wedding.

  2. Oh, perfect idea for a photograph! :D Hello parents! Hehe

  3. Cool. Where is this place?

  4. It's really great seeing old structures that are still standing. They are witnesses to history.


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