Angels Are All Around Us

by Junnie

Metro Manila is still wet. Some parts are still with knee-deep waters. One thing we have going for us is that we have strong faith that this too shall pass, and that the Filipino will rise above. It is October already and it seemed that no one noticed that we arrived Manila last Monday at the heels of the weekend Typhoon Ondoy visited the country. This week we celebrated the feast of the Archangels - Raphael, Michael and Gabriel, and last Thursday, we celebrated the feast of our Guardian Angels. What a whole week of heroic deeds from Pinoys helping their kababayans, and for all the angels in our lives. :)


  1. ang galing ng pagkakasampay niyan ha. anyway, ang galing din talaga ng naging response ng mga pinoy all over the world sa nangyaring ito. at least, we have proven that may mga anking kabutihan talaga tayong mga pinoy.

  2. off-topic... i'm excited to meet junnie and mitzi's own angel too :)

  3. Mamarazzi and I personally saw, kissed and hugged the playful Angel Gabriel yesterday before taking his power nap.

    Gabe as he is fondly called by his doting parents is not only good looking but intelligent as well. He is observant and responsive, which are marked indications that he is clever and bright! We, grandparents could not be happier and more proud.

  4. What a beautiful ABSTRACT painting of sort by National artist Baldemor complete with all hues of yellow, blue, red, brown and black. Bakit walang GREEN? Baka walang mga taga DLSU tulad nila---May, Mel, Linnor, Junnie and Mitzi. Hehehe

    If I were to give meaning to the "painting", it should be described as: NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS, Service Together! :-)

  5. paparazzi! 2 comments in one post! wow, we don't get that from you often these days. keep them coming! :D oh, see you in cebu next week (?) or on my birthday weekend na lang. :D

  6. The tapestry of life - shown in clothes being dried after getting wet from Typhoon Ondoy.

    Including seat cover and curtains. :)


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