Trying To Make Waves

Either the bendy rollers are ineffective or my hair is hopelessly straight. LOL. Maybe I should leave them for more than 2 hours. :)

During dinner, Kyle, our 16yo son, arrived from his outreach activity... He proceeded to kiss me...

Me : Hi... Do you notice anything? (I flipped my hair to flaunt the soft waves)
Kyle: Huh?
Kyle: Ah...Oh! You colored your hair?
Me : Anuba, kainis naman...


  1. There are hairs that are really straight. My wife have hairs like that. She can't even enjoy a curly look for longer hours.

  2. Hahaha... my hair is like yours. It's stubborn! LOL With or without curls, pretty ka pa rin ;)

  3. same here! if i plan to use non-heated curlers (sponge curlers) i have to do it early morning pa lang like 7hrs before a party! hahahaha i haven't curled my hair in years! i kinda don't like the heated curlers kasi unless i really really need to use it then i will otherwise sa inis ko na ang tagal mag curl i dont do it na lang LOL


  4. haha...cute exchange!
    my hair is also straight i love the way it is, i haven't curl my hair

  5. Hahaha! Sometimes, men are just simply clueless. My hair is also stubborn when it comes to curling. It resists with all the straightness it could muster lol!

  6. That conversation is funny! I feel you; my hair won't easily curl, too! But that's a great camera you got there. :D


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