Midyear Bonuses

I'm not talking of the monetary kind but the one most parents would enjoy having bragging rights to - their kids' accomplishments. Last Monday and Tuesday, Jerry and I attended the separate Honors' Assembly for high school and grade school at our sons' beloved SHS-ADC where Kyle and Jake received their academic medals for last year's performance.

I once wrote here about Kyle struggling with his Chemistry and about me being of no help at all with this. Well, he's pulled through and managed to snag a bronze. Thank goodness!

And... Jake, despite several reprimands for being "talkative" during class, got himself a silver! Way to start his academic career! LOL


DSC07882 DSC07884
waiting for the name to be called

Kyle with his bronze medal, in his cadet uniform

DSC07926 DSC07928

Jake, starting his academic career with a silver :D"


  1. and a fourth kid would have given you the Gold. :P

    Seriously, these accomplishments are more than the accolade itself but the significance of the children's intent to ensure they have a good future - by doing well in school. Never mind the medals, but by honoring what the parents have instructed them to do - to finish school and be good citizens of the world - are enough mid year bonuses.

    I sound like Paparazzi.

  2. AMEN to that and to you sounding like papa :)


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