Backtrack - The Annual Assembly I Always Look Forward To

Mid-year of 2011 brought about major changes on the home front. Some were planned and eagerly awaited, while some of the changes were not as welcome. Anyway...

The annual school assembly for parents and honor students of the previous academic year gather every June of the succeeding schoolyear for recognition. This assembly is something I jokingly tell my sons that I would want to keep attending every year. Haha! Pressure!

Last June 2011, our second son, Kyle, received his silver medal for his academic performance during the preceding schoolyear (when he was in 2nd year high school). It was a validation of all his hard work and a proud moment for all of us.

He is now in 3rd year high school and his grades are teetering between high and not so high. Hmm... Would he be going up the stage again for a medal come June 2012? I'm hoping and praying (because I'm certainly of no help) while he is currently battling it out in Chemistry and Geometry.

*breathe in-breathe out*

Honors' Assembly 2011

Honors' Assembly 2011

With Kyle's Lolo and Lola
with proud maternal grannies


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