Dako Island

I was excited but was also mumbling prayers while our boat cruised from Guyam Island to our next stop: Dako Island. It really didn't help knowing that we were out in the open sea near the Philippine Deep. Haha! Scaredy-cat!

Dako Island is bigger than Guyam. Thus, the former's name literally means "big" in the dialect. One side of it has sudden drops with depths not safe for frolicking kids.

0149 dako IMG_7114
On our way from this side of Dako... (tiny Guyam in the background)

Dako Island
... to this side which is just awesome! Powdery fine white sand...

Dako Island
The boys enjoyed their dip

Dako Island
...while Pa did business on the phone. Yes, Globe reaches Dako Island. :)

0175 dako DSC06946
A little fun with seaweeds after the business call

Dako Island

Dako Island
And here we are (okay okay, just me) looking "dako" too. LOL

Next stop: Naked Island
Photo credits: Junnie, Mitzi, Matt and Pa(parazzi)


  1. Sometimes you don't know what you were missing if you dont turn to the other side...just like any argument, if you dont want to know where the other person is coming from - you will just end up frustrated. This is why DAKO was a good example of beauty just behind the bend. We were not ready for what was waiting at the other side when we walked, but extremely surprised that we did!

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  3. true! the short-sighted doesn't see the bigger picture, thus is unable to appreciate what lies ahead.

    dako island is lovely. i hope it remains unspoilt...


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