Kyle in Wonderland

It's hard to imagine... Is there a slow-mo or pause button somewhere? How did our second son Kyle who used to be like this...

Kyle Through the Years

turn out to be like THIS...

Kyle's Prom

Kyle's Prom what seemed like a blur?

Here he is with 15 year old buddies during their Junior-Senior Prom at the Waterfront Hotel last Jan 29...


No, I wasn't a tag-along-mom. This pic of Kyle with his date was swiped from Mr. Suralta's album here.

Here are two more swiped pics of Kyle dancing (their rehearsed cha-cha. hehe)...



Two years ago, I wrote about my thoughts during our elder son Matt's prom... click here. I hope I'm getting better at this "letting go" thing. *sigh*


  1. I can see he is mimicking his A-hia's poses when he was in his formals in this blog once before.

    He has good taste.

  2. Ah you remembered! We were actually looking at Matt's photo/s on Flickr when we did the shoot. :)

    Kyle is very secretive and I literally (still) have to pry info from him on his goings-on, but yeah, he has good taste. ;)

  3. Nice pics....from small kid to teener! I feel so blessed to have kids growing up well...Great job Mama Linnor! :D

  4. Aaaw, binata na. Kyle looks dashing and the prom date is pretty :)

  5. Jer, I only did half of the parenting work, credit goes to you too. :P

    Den, *sigh* my elder boys are binata na... empty nest na ako. lol! jake na lang natira. :D


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