Thoughts on Prom Night

by Linnor

Picnik collage

My eldest son, together with his buddies, decided to go stag on their last high school prom. When I asked him how come he wasn't taking his girlfriend of two years, he said she'd be busy being the student council's president and making sure of the event's success. He added too that it was agreed upon that they'd see each other at the venue.

This year's prom had the Oscars for its theme and Matt, being the last minute guy that he sometimes is, didn't have anything to wear. Rummaged in his Pa's closet, he did, to look for anything SUIT-able. Pun intended. I recall he did borrow one for last year and ended up looking like this:

Matt's Prom

But because he has grown taller and stockier at 16, the one special tux in hubs' closet now perfectly fitted him. This was the one Jerry wore to our wedding eighteen years ago in April!

Seeing Matt in his Pa's wedding tux reminded me so much of that day. *Sigh*. When will I ever be ready to accept that my sons are growing fast?  My thoughts always bring me back to his kiddie years. I really need to pause sometimes and savor these moments. They're just so flitting!

And then there's college in a few months...

Matt's Prom  Here's Matt on his Oscars-themed prom night wearing his Pa's wedding tux


  1. Wow.. you already have a bintaliyo. That must be a very exciting stage.

  2. hi mai and julie,
    can i just have a slow mo or a pause button on demand? hehehe...

  3. Wow...the kids are bigger than us na...:D I believe we have raised Matt well and he is ready to take on the world!

  4. hi jer, that is something to be proud of indeed. credits to your fathering skills. *wink*

    i can't help feeling the mixed emotions though. it's a bittersweet kind of moment... to see him fly on his own away from home.... :)

  5. my son went to the prom this year too. graduation is in a week. then off to college soon.

    they grow up soo fast ...

  6. hi mona, oh yes they do. i guess it's the empty nest syndrome that's eating me. :)


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