One of Many Milestones

We thought we would never see this day. Seven years ago, I gave birth to Jake 5 weeks before his due date. Unlike my first two childbirths which were unmedicated and Lamaze aided, this 3rd time was an emergency Caesarean delivery. It was because 2 weeks before my 8th month, the ultrasound image of my abdomen indicated that there was no fluid in my placenta. In medical parlance, it was a case of oligohydramnios.

Jake weighed an alarming 2 pounds when he came out! He was so tiny his skin was all wrinkled and looked literally like a bag of bones. I fed him via syringe the whole time he was in the NICU, because his mouth was too tiny to latch on to anything.

feeding through a syringe, too tiny for a regular bottle -

At that time, we feared the worst but hoped for the best. We stormed the heavens with our prayers for our little boy while keeping in mind that we were ready for anything...

fighting on... -

he was wearing the tiniest diaper we could find and it still looked huge on him

That was then... Our miracle baby celebrated his 7th birthday this month and graduated from preschool with excellent grades.

Early for the ceremonies...
all excited and early for the ceremony :)

we couldn't be happier!

like any other precocious boy

yes this is the same 2 pound miracle boy, now proud to show his preschool diploma to his grandma

the handshake with Fr. Manny
the congratulatory handshake that marked the end of one and start of another milestone

***slideshow of grad pics here***


  1. I looked at his pic when Jake was being fed via a syringe and his pic
    showing his diploma to his grandma - a miracle indeed!

  2. Miracle indeed. Congratulations to Jake and to you too Linnor and your wonderful family :)

  3. Vangie Fuhrman3/31/11, 12:07 AM

    I remember your posts when he was born! I'm so happy for you. Congratulations and way to go Jake!

  4. I always go here: and never left the page without a tear.

    He is a great miracle!!!! You can read and re-read your post quoted on that blog entry.

  5. Heart-tugging, truly inspiring! An awesome journey of faith!

    Congratulations Jake, our miracle boy!

  6. hi bertN: when i was feeding him via syringe, i couldn't think of anything beyond that moment. he seemed fragile. we are still amazed that we are past that now :)

    hi julie: he is our living testament of GOD's healing hand. thanks!

    hi vangie: thanks! hard to believe it's been 7 years no? :)

    hi junnie and ethel: jake has caught up very well with his peers it's hard to imagine he was once sooo tiny and in a precarious state. i think we and the rest of the family over-compensated in nurturing him. hehehe.


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