Manhattan Beach, Beverly Hills and Designer Bags

Arrival of Pa and Ma (Toronto to Los Angeles)
Seeing Pa and Ma after months

Manhattan Beach Village Mall
Meet the Arrezas! The only one missing is our sister May who is based in Singapore. This was at Manhattan Beach Village Mall after having lunch at Islands

By the sign of the famous address
JUNNIE: Ma, magpakuha kayo dun sa Beverly Hills.
MA: (while walking) Saan? Saan ba ang Beverly Hills?
ME: Ma, eto po oh. Junnie meant the signage lang.

Beverly Hills sign
Ayan! Junnie insisted (hah!) that we have a picture taken next to this famous address signage while he filled the car with gas at a nearby station.

At Barneys NY... (imaginary conversation/s)

Goyard galore

ME: What's a nice color for this Goyard kaya?
JERRY: I think I'm having a headache.

Checking out Goyard at Barney's
MA: Bakit naman ang mahal nito? Parang plastic lang naman.

Jerry: Your Longchamp looks better than that. :)
Jerry was probably thinking, "Your black tote (Longchamp) is better than that Go-whatchamacallit"

How about a Balenciaga, dear? LOL
ME: How about a Balenciaga dear?
JERRY: Huh-oh!

Family decision time :)
Family meeting. Haha!

Bringing in the reinforcement to finalize decision. LOL
All these people... to finalize a purchase??? :) And why am I the only one smiling here?

Junnie :P
JUNNIE: Women!!!

Photo credit/s: Papa(razzi), kahit bawal mag-"kodakan" at Barneys.


  1. Men are to Cars and Sports as Women are to Shoes and this right?

    How many can say that they bought their bags from Beverly Hills, with the rest of the family in tow? :P am sure the experience was unique.

    Jerome and I got our unique experience of being with Mrs Pacquuao in nextdoor store Niketown. The experience? Worth a Seiko bag. lol

  2. hi junnie,

    yes that is correct!

    more than the loot(bag) itself (pun intended), i was really glad everyone was there to witness my acquisition of a special retirement / sabbatical trophy. hahaha!

    i kinda doubt another major major purchase will happen soon.

    sayang you didn't request jinky pacquiao's autograph. lol!

  3. So you saw the various reactions of everyone in photos while shopping bags at Barne's of the noted Beverly Hills! You see them through my lens very clearly being a self appointed PAPArazzi.

    With those stolen photos, it is confirmed that indeed the real name of a woman is VANITY! Yes?

  4. no argument on that (re vanity) papa(razzi). this doesn't happen often though. i'm quite sensible with my finances. hehehe. it's just this once to mark a new chapter in my life (sabbatical). kinda, a trophy or something to remind me how hard i worked as an employee.

    like what junnie said: it's a unique experience especially since i had you all there with me. :)


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