Shortened Long Weekend

It was originally declared a holiday this Monday so we bought Matt's Cebu plane ticket way in advance. Some of his friends from DLSU and ADMU were also scheduled to spend the long weekend in town. Perfect timing for them as one of their friends was celebrating his birthday.

Well, the holiday has since been recalled at the last minute so the supposed long weekend has been shortened and we were unnecessarily subjected to the additional cost of rebooking fees and fare differences. Ouch.

Anyway.... It shouldn't put a damper on our plans. Any homecoming is always a welcome thing, right?

On Matt's first day back (Friday), he saw some friends, did some errands, bought stuff, had his haircut and met us again for dinner.

At dinner, the one notable thing he mentioned to us was: "Yes! Decent food! No fastfood (or carinderia) for me this time!"


Anybody who stays in a dorm would know what food is like in canteens, fastfood restos and local carinderias. I remember hearing one describe dorm life as an airconditioned prison. Hehehe. I'm amused that our son is trying hard to cope and makes do with the meager allowance we send him. So far, so good.

Here are some pics of his "non-fastfood" adventure... :)

Dinner at Mesa. Matt's friend, Kevin, joined us.

Dinner at Banana Leaf

(Not included in pics are the native snacks at Laguna Garden courtesy of cousin Mimi and Aunt Didi, the pasta dinner at Gustavian, and our very own home-cooked meals. :D)


  1. Kyle looks more like a DI than a member of his section's cheering squad! Hehehe!

  2. Para sa kabilang post itong comment mo Paparrazi. Nabaliktad. :P


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