Our Son's First Race

It's the newest craze these days. Our 13yo Kyle just got bitten by the running bug. He joined the 2010 St. Ignatius Run together with his friends last July 31.

I was apprehensive when he first told me he signed up for the 10k race. 10k??? That would be too much for him, I thought. The recent news about a number of unfortunate incidents during the Milo Marathon and the Energizer Night Run, made me feel even more anxious.

Only after his Pa assured me that he would be there did I finally say yes.

Kyle was a bit disappointed when the organizers relegated them to the 3k race instead of their 10k preference. That was wise of the organizers and something I secretly welcomed. Hehehe.

Long story short, Kyle ran his first 3k race and finished in 21 minutes. Not bad! Woot!

2010 St. Ignatius Run
Kyle is second from left


  1. Yay! I have a running buddy na in Cebu! ;)

  2. Linnor Rapes8/7/10, 7:08 AM

    correct! he runs around his school track oval daily when the weather permits :)


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